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Azad has no common sense: K. Keshava Rao

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Hyderabad: The Congress MP, Dr K Keshava Rao, has said the AICC State in charge, Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, has no common sense.

Talking to the national media on Wednesday, Dr KK said no one with any sense would talk as Azad did. He argued that there was no need for a unanimous resolution of the Assembly for creation of Telangana as maintained by Mr Ghuam. He said it appeared that Mr Azad was ignorant of the law. He said Azad needs to learn lessons from AICC Official Spokesperson Abhishaik Singhvi. He also alleged that Mr Azad spoke the way he did only because of his anti-Telangana attitude. He questioned Mr Azad why he had to talk about Telangana in China.

Dr KK felt that Mr Azad made that statement only to counter the announcement of Mr Singhvi that the Centre was considering three proposals on Telangana. He said new States were created without resolutions from the Assemblies. He also said he would be complaining to the Congress High Command about Mr Azad’s senseless remarks.


The senior Congress leader, Mr M Satyanarayana Rao, has also expressed displeasure at Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad’s statement on Telangana. He sarcastically said that China’s influence appears to have fallen on Mr Azad.

Mr MSR expressed solidarity with the Congress leaders fasting at the Indira Park. He exuded confidence that Telangana would be a reality.

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