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Babu demands supply of seed & fertilizers to farmers forthwith

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Hyderabad: The TDP Chief, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, has charged the State and Central governments of following anti-farmer policies and pushing the farm sector into a deep crisis.

Talking to the farmers of Karimnagar, Nalgonda and Vizianagaram districts, Mr Naidu has demanded that seed and fertilizers be immediately supplied to the farmers to save them from crisis. He said that the government was adopting a lackadaisical attitude towards the problems of the farmers. He said the government had no specific plan and had no idea about the area of cultivation of cotton and the quantum of seed required.

Alleging that the government had failed to learn its lessons even from previous experiences, Mr Naidu said though the Khariff season has started, seeds could not be supplied to the farmers. He has questioned what would be the use if seeds were made available to the farmers after the season was over. He also lamented that farmers had to take to roads for seeds even this year. He said that it was a sad reflection on the ability of the government that women were standing in serpentine queues for seeds, carrying their children day and night. He said that while the farmers were in such dire straits, the Chief Minister and the ministers were doing the rounds to New Delhi.

Stating that the government was robbing the farmers by increasing the prices of fertilizers four times during the past year-and-a-half, he said because of the negligent attitude of the government, the companies and seed dealers were plundering the farmers.

The farmers Mr Vidyasagar, Hariswar Goud and others met Mr Naidu and gave a memorandum on the farmers’ problems to him.

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