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Bajrang Dal Urges Colleges, Pubs Not To Allow Valentine Day Fete

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Hyderabad, Feb.7 (NSS): The Andhra Pradesh West branch of Bajrang Dal here on Monday appealed to the managements of colleges and ‘Pub Resorts’ not to allow any kind of activities on their premises in the name of “Valentine Day” celebrations, especially obscene dances by young boys and girls which are totally against Indian culture and traditions. Stating that consumption of liquor and indulging in obscene dances in the name of “love and dating” was totally against Indian culture, Bajrang Dal has alleged that the anti-India multinational companies and Christian organisations were misleading the boys and girls and ruining their lives by encouraging them to indulge in heinous activities like smoking tobacco and drugs, consuming liquor and sexual acts, all in the name of Valentine Day celebrations.

Speaking to media persons here, the Bajrang Dal city convenors, Mr Bharat Vamshi and Mr Nomula Vinod Kumar, said that the anti-India organisations have conspired to mislead the Indian youth and wean them away from age-old Indian culture.

Pointing out that “Vasantotsavams” were being celebrated in the country since times immemorial on the occasions like Ugadi (Telugu New Year Day), Holi and Basant Panchami, they said these celebrations are lawful, moral and symbols of pure love and sex between legally wedded couples. But the “Valentine Day” celebration, which burst into India from abroad, is a Satanic culture, which provokes the innocent boys and girls to indulge in immoral pre-marital sex.

They also made it clear that Bajrang Dal was not against genuine love affairs between boys and girls leading to marriages and life-long companionship. Indian culture also approves such a genuine and lasting relationship as even Lord Shiva and Parvathi, Rukmini and Srikrishna, Nala and Damayanti and so on are examples of love and marriage, they added. They have strongly opposed the dreaded Valentine Day culture which turns the temples of learning into centers for sexual orgies. “Our youth should take Lord Rama and Sita, Nala and Damanti as ideals, but not Cleopatra and Anthony. Let us save vulnerable girls, the nation and Indian culture from this Valentine Vulture by not allowing such dangerous celebrations”. They also demanded a ban on Valentine Day. (NSS)

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