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Ban Order Under Charminar Police Limits Around High Court

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Hyderabad, February 4: Powers conferred under Section 144 Cr PC and Sec. 22 of Hyderabad City Police Act, the Commissioner of Police, Mr A.K. Khan, passed an order prohibiting public meetings, assembly of five or more persons, carrying of fire-arms, banners, placards, lathis, spears, swords, sticks, bricksbats, shouting of slogans; making speeches, processions and demonstrations and picketing or dharnas in any public place around the High Court under Charminar Police limits without written permission.

The areas fall under the order are: City College Junction to Nayapul Road on the Northern side of the High Court Building, Madina Circle to City College Road on Southern side and by lanes leading to Ghansi Bazaar and by lanes leading to Patel Market/Ricobgunj, Nayapul-Madina Circle on the High Court Road, Pathargatti-Madina Circle on High Court Road, Muslim Jung Bridge Circle to High Court Road, Puranapul–PTO–City College crossroad–High Court Road and Moosa Bowli-Mehandi-City College crossroad-High Court Road.

Mr Khan, in a pressnote has stated that this order will come into force from 0600 hours on February 6 remains in force till 0600 hours on April 6. Those violating this order will be liable for punishment under Sec. 188 IPC and as per the provisions of Hyderabad City Police Act, he added.

However, religious functions, rallies, public meetings and so on in the specified areas can be held with prior written permission from the Dy. Commissioner of Police, South Zone, Hyderabad. The order shall not apply to processions which have the requisite permission of the concerned Zonal Dy. Commissioner of Police/Divisional Asst. Commissioner of Police.

The Police Commissioner stated that the prohibitory order was necessitated to ensure smooth functioning of the High Court following reports that unrestricted holding of public meetings, processions, demonstrations and so on in the area was likely to cause obstruction, annoyance or injury to any person lawfully employed, or danger to human life, health or safety or disturbance of the public tranquility or a riot or an affray and inconvenience in the smooth functioning of the High Court and disturbance to the litigants and Advocates. (NSS)

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