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Ban Orders In Hyderabad For Council Poll

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Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Police Commissioner, Mr A K Khan, on Friday notified for the information of the public and for smooth conduct of elections to the Legislative Council in respect of Graduates constituencies scheduled to be held in Hyderabad and Secunderabad on March 13 that all the voters who come to polling stations for exercising their franchise shall form queues, one for the men voters and another for women voters. Formation of more than one queue, for men voters or for women voters, will not be allowed. The notification will remain in force on March 13, he added.


In another notification issued under Section 20 of Andhra Pradesh Excise Act, 1968 (Act No.6 of 1974), Mr Khan, ordered that the IML wine shops, Bars attached to restaurants and Military canteen situated within the limits of the twin cities shall remain closed from 5 pm on March 12 to 6 am on March 14 in connection with elections to the Legislative Council.


The City Police Commissioner also promulgated prohibitory order for March 13 to maintain public order, peace and tranquility in the twin cities.

In a separate notification, he prohibited assembly of persons and any kind of processions, carrying of sticks either with or without flags, lathis, fire arms, or any other objects which can be used as weapons for offence or defence by persons in processions, big gathering or meetings within a radius of one kilometer from the polling stations.

He also prohibited erection of temporary structures like shamianas, pandals, khannath and so on on thoroughfares, public places and all other places where public throng. He also banned use of mikes/public address system by anybody or parties in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, playing music, singing or speeches or broadcasting through or speakers of any other instruments.

He also banned making a speech, gesture or mimetic representation, exhibition or dissemination of pictures, symbols, placards or any other thing which is likely to create religious animosity or hatred between different communities or individuals or is likely to bring about commission of an offence or disturbance or contempt of the law or of a lawful authority. However, police officers on duty, Military and paramilitary personnel, Home Guards and Election Officers on duty are exempted from this order.

Mr Khan stated that any person violating the order shall be liable for prosecution. The ban order will be in force from 5 pm on March 12 to 6 am on March 14, he added.


The Police Commissioner, in exercise of powers under Section 144 Cr. PC, prohibited assembly of five or more persons within a radius of 200 meters from the Polling Stations within the city limits on March 13 in connection with elections to the Council in respect of Graduates constituencies. The order will remain in force from 6 am on March 13 to 6 am on March 14. Any person violating the order will be prosecuted under Section 144 Cr.PC, he added. (NSS)

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