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BC Quota cut will disturb hornests nest, warns Bandaru Dattatreya

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Hyderabad: The Bharatiya Janata Party senior leader, Mr Bandaru Dattatreya, here on Wednesday demanded that the State government immediately remove apprehensions over its attempts to reduce reservations to Backward Classes in connection with the ensuing local body elections. The government’s decision to bring down BC reservation from 34 per cent to 24 per cent in the wake of Supreme Court’s ruling that the BC reservations should not exceed 50 per cent, was only meant to suppress the Backward Classes politically, he bemoaned.

Addressing a media conference at MKM Grand Hotel here, Mr Dattatreya pointed out that the BC population in the State has risen to 52 per cent. Instead of increasing reservations to the BCs in proportion to their population, the move to curtail the existing BC quota to 24 per cent was a clear proof of the government’s anti-BC policies. In this connection, Mr Dattatreya pointed out that the Constitution clearly stated that the issue of BC reservations should be decided only by the respective State governments.

Pointing out that the neighbouring Tamil Nadu government was implementing 69.5 per cent reservations to Backward Classes, the BJP leader questioned the sagacity of the Congress government in the State to curtail the BC quota to 50 per cent. While the Supreme Court gave its ruling on BC reservations last year, the State government, responding to the Apex Court’s verdict after one year was the best example of the government’s hostile attitude towards the BCs, he added.

The BJP leader said that the government’s inertia over the issue in spite of knowing that local body elections would be held in the near future gives rise to suspicion that it was planning to postpone the elections. The government’s contention that it would consult legal experts and go to the Supreme Court on BC quota issue was a calculated attempt to hoodwink the BCs, he added.

Mr Dattatreya also warned that his party would launch an agitation in coordination with various BC associations and voluntary organisations and would not allow the government to render political injustice to the BCs under any circumstances. (NSS)

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