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BC women leaders warn govt against quota cut

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Hyderabad: Several BC Women’s organizations have warned the government against reduction in the BC reservations.

There was a meeting of these organizations in the BC Bhavan on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Ms Rama Devi, president of the BC Welfare Sangham.

Addressing the meeting, leaders of several organizations have alleged that the proposal to reduce BC reservations from the existing 34 to 24 per cent in the Panchayat Raj institutions, amounted to obstructing the development of the BCs. They warned that if the government tried to reduce the reservations under the pretext of implementing the Supreme Court’s direction, it would face the anger of the BCs. They demanded that a Constitutional amendment be brought, if necessary, to overcome the problem. They reminded the government that amendments to the Constitution were made 26 times earlier on the issues pertaining to the SCs, STs and Minorities. They said that similarly, one more Constitutional amendment could be made for the sake of the BCs. The State government should bring pressure on the Central government on this issue, they added.

The meeting also expressed concern over increasing atrocities on women and murders. They lamented that there was no safety for women in a State where a woman was the Home Minister. Speakers said that women were feeling insecure as there was no Women Commission in the State to work for the protection of women. They demanded that the commission be immediately set up.

The meeting has expressed its happiness over the government issuing a GO, increasing the reservations of women to 50 per cent in the Municipalities and Corporations.

Leaders of Women’s BC Organizations Latha Singh, Bharathamma, Lavanya, Lakshmi Bai, Indiramma, K Pushpa, Sailaja, Nagamani, Nirmala, Renuka Bhagyasri and others participated in the meeting. (NSS)

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