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Bhanwar Lal worked as Jagan agent: V Shiva Reddy

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Hyderabad: Accusing the Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Bhanwar Lal, of having worked as an agent of the YSR Congress Party Chief, Mr Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, during the Kadapa bye-elections, the Kamalapuram MLA, Mr G Veera Shiva Reddy, has said that Mr Bhanwar Lal had issued a top priority order in writing allowing the YSR Congress Party leaders, Mr G V Prathap Reddy and Mr B V Karun Kumar Reddy, who were not voters of the Kokatam village, to stay in the Kokatam village. Alleging that the Election Commission had totally failed in conducting the Kadapa bye-election in free and fair manner, he said that he would be lodging a complaint with the Election Commission of India, New Delhi against Mr Bhanwar Lal, showing favoritism to Mr Jagan.

Speaking to the media at the CLP office here on Wednesday, Mr Veera Shiva Reddy said that Mr Bhanwar Lal did not respond to his complaint faxed to both the ECI and Mr Bhanwar Lal on May 2 against Mr Jagan stating that Mr Jagan’s followers had kept Rs 11 crores at Bharathi Cements 9, 10 and 11 quarters. He also said that Mr Bhanwar Lal responded only on May 7 and ordered the district Collector to look into the matter after distribution of the money among the voters. “This clearly proved how Mr Bhanwar Lal worked in favor of Mr Jagan”.

Alleging that the Superintendent of Police had harassed him during Kadapa bye-elections, he said that he would lodge a complaint with the Deputy Speaker against the Kadapa SP to consider it as a privilege motion. He alleged that the SP obstructed him by not allowing him to act as an election agent during the election. He also alleged that the SP also tried to arrest him.

Making it clear that it was not government failure but failure of the Election Commission, Mr Reddy alleged that Mr Bhanwar Lal had openly supported Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy. He also alleged that the Election Commission did not allow the Congress and TDP official candidates, Dr D L Ravindra Reddy and Dr M V Mysoora Reddy, to go round the constituency in more than three vehicles while it allowed Mr Jagan to use more than 10 vehicles. He also said that Mr Jagan and his followers freely entered the polling booths and instructed the polling staff to do whatever they said.


Making it clear that the Congress party would expel the MLAs, who were served with notices, he said that no MLA would accompany Mr Jagan after the bye-election results. He said that the Kadapa bye-elections were unwanted and occurred just because of Mr Jagan’s lust for power and arrogance. He said that Ms Vijayamma and Ms Sharmila and Ms Bharathi Reddy participated in election campaigning in sweltering heat because of Mr Jagan. However, the Congress party would lose nothing with the results of bye-elections, he said, adding that it was beneficial to the Congress party if it wins even a single seat.

Reiterating his challenge that he was ready to give his assets if Mr Jagan wins with the margin of more than two-lakh votes, Mr Reddy said that some one has to come forward to accept his challenge. “I will become Rs one lakh crore Shavukar if I win the challenge”, he added. (NSS)

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