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BJP demands white paper on land allotments

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Hyderabad: The BJP Floor leader Mr G Kishan Reddy has demanded that the State government release a ‘White Paper’ on the status of the lands allotted to the firms and private persons for the last 10 years. He also demanded the State government to take back the lands, which were not utilized for the purpose.

Speaking at the Assembly media point here on Friday after the Assembly adjournment, Mr Kishan Reddy has alleged that the State government has allotted the valuable land of old Gandhi Medical College to the UPA Chairperson, Ms Sonia Gandhi’s daughter, Ms Priyanka Gandhi’s relatives who owned DLF Company. He also alleged that instead of allotting the same land for construction of buildings to run the government offices, it was allotted to the DLF Company.

Demanding the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh to resign if he was sincere, Mr Kishan Reddy said that it was not correct to Dr Singh to stick to the post by facing allegations. He also demanded that the State government to bring a law to cast the votes only to the respective parties in the Council elections to restrict the cross voting. He said that the NDA government had made a law to the Rajya Sabha elections to check cross voting.

Responding on the TRS MLAs’ cross voting issue, Mr Kishan Reddy said that it was TRS internal issue and it has think on it. (NSS)

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