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BJP To Chalk Out Action Plan To Fight UPA Govt On JPC

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Hyderabad, Feb.13 (NSS): The BJP made it clear that they will not move no-confidence motion against Dr Manmohan Singh’s UPA government, but said that it would grill tooth and nail the government on 2G Spectrum, Antrix, Adarsh, Commonwealth, IPL, National Highways, Madhu Koda and other scams in the forthcoming Parliament budget session to be commenced from February 21. It also reiterated that it will support whole heartedly if the Congress party introduces the Telangana bill in the budget session. The BJP also made it clear that it will not go back on their demand for JPC on scams and it will meet on February 22 to chalk out an action plan on it.

Speaking to the media here on Sunday, the BJP senior leader and Rajya Sabha member Mr M Venkaiah Naidu said that their party has no plans to move a no-confidence motion against UPA government because the UPA government has adequate strength in the house to face the motion. He said that the BJP would move the motion if some of the alliance partners comes out from the UPA government. He made it clear that the BJP would confront the Government in the house on the scams, and what action it initiated on them. He wondered at the UPA government attitude and said that instead of responding on its own it was attacking the opposition parties. The government was not responding on these scams though the Supreme Court, CAG, CVC, media and opposition parties questioned it. Mr Suresh Kalmadi, who was involved in the Commonwealth scam, lashed out at the media, he said and added that Mr Kapil Sibal was supporting Mr Raja saying that he was not involved in the 2G Spectrum scam. He asked as to why the government has arrested unnecessarily if Mr Raja was innocent.

Scams were coming to light one by one, Mr Venkaiah Naidu said and asked the Prime Minister to justify his rule was good. Finding fault with the UPA government for appointing a Study Committee on S-Band scam, he said that Dr Manmohan Singh government has lost its credibility. He said that it was shameful on the part of External Affairs Minister Mr SM Krishna to read Portuguese External Affairs Minister’s copy in the meeting of United Nations. He said, “it is a glaring example of how Dr Manmohan Singh government was ruining the image of the nation”.


Demanding for a white paper on the funds situation, Mr Venkaiah Naidu alleged that the State government was neck deep in financial crisis. He said that the government was not releasing funds for Jalayagnam, Fees re-imbursement, Ration Cards, Pavala Vaddi, Indiramma Houses and Abhaya Hastam keeping everything in pending. He demanded the government to reveal the reality on its financial status immediately before the budget session, so that the people could know about it. He alleged that there was serious power cuts in rural areas and the Agriculture sector was facing problems due to the State government policies.

He questioned the Chief Minister Mr N Kiran Kumar Reddy as to how the State government was allotting the funds to the advertisements when it was not in a position to release funds for the fees-reimbursement scheme to 24 lakh students. He said that the much hyped Rachchabanda programme ended in racha racha though the government claimed that it has released Rs.2500 crores for it. He asked the government to reveal how much amount was spent on advertisements during the last 18 months. He said that the BJP was organizing a rally at Jimkhana Grounds on February 17 against the corruption of the UPA government.

Finding fault with the Police Department, Mr Venkaiah Naidu asked the police bosses as to how much time was needed to arrest the main culprit in the Maddela Cheruvu Suri Murder Case. He opined that the main culprit Mr Bhanu’s network might be greater than the State police.

Referring to the Justice Srikrishna Committee, Mr Venkaiah Naidu said that the BJP’s argument has become true now. The Attorney General Mr Vahanavathi has admitted in the State High Court that the Committee has no statutory validity, as stated by BJP immediately after it’s appointment. He said that the government appointed the Committee to waste the valuable time and money and added that the Telangana issue will not be decided by the so- called committees. He said that the BJP has no plans to move the private bill in the ensuing budget session, but it will support whole heartedly if the Congress introduces the bill in the session. He said, “it depends on Congress friends as to how they bring pressure on government”.

He advised the TRS Chief Mr KCR to have the confidence to move the no-confidence motion in the Assembly budget session. He wondered as to how the TRS would move the no-confidence motion with only 11 Members in the house. (NSS)

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