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Botsa must learn to walk on tight rope to contain rebel MLAs

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Hyderabad: Transport Minister Botsa Satyanarayana will have to learn to walk the tightrope and learn it as soon as possible if he aims to find success in handling the rebel MLAs and the dissension in the party ranks in his capacity as the Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president.

His first tentative steps as the PCC chief were on the right path, with his proclamation that he was confident that the rebel MLAs, moving closely with the YSR Congress Party, would come back to the Congress fold.

However, his words at this juncture are not likely to convince the MLAs that their political future is more secure if their loyalties lie with the Congress.

Mr Satyanarayana has to act and show the MLAs that his promise of making efforts to bring back the rebel MLAs in the party fold by taking them into confidence are not media statements.

During the tenure of former PCC chief D Srinivas, the rebel MLAs openly challenged the High Command to initiate action against them.

Not willing to ruffle feathers at a critical juncture, especially at a time when Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy was faced with teething problems, the High Command more or less let the MLAs a free hand.

Even earlier, no action was taken against the MLAs as former chief minister K Rosaiah’s sagacious approach meant that the MLAs by themselves were in to minds, whether to sail with Mr Jaganmohan Reddy or with him.

However, the Congress, with the results of the elections to five states out, is on a firmer wicket these days. And action against the rebel MLAs may more or less be forthcoming soon.

According to reports, Mr Satyanarayana has a ‘master plan’ to contain the rebel MLAs and to put a check on the manipulations of Mr Jaganmohan Reddy.

The sources say that the ‘master plan’ hinges on whether the Centre takes a decision on Telangana issue early.

Earlier in the day, Mr Satyanarana had responded to questions about disciplinary action against those MLAs who are allegedly moving closely with YSR Congress Party president YS Jaganmohan Reddy by saying, “I will comment on this only after taking charge as the PCC chief.”

However, he had expressed confidence that the MLAs will rejoin their parent party soon. “They will soon realize their mistakes and show their total loyalty towards Congress,” he said.(INN)

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