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Budget Allocations Magic Numbers, Say Opposition

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Hyderabad, Feb 23: Describing the figures of budget allocations as numbers of magic, the Opposition parties, including the CPI, CPM and BJP have alleged that the 2011-12 budget allocations were sufficient only to pay the arrears of the last year.

Speaking at the Assembly media point here on Wednesday after the budget presentation in the House by the Finance Minister, Mr Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, the CPI floor leader Mr G Mallesh, who was already suspended by the Deputy Speaker, said that the budget allocations would not be helpful for development of the backward areas in the State. Alleging that there was no clarity in the budget, the CPI leader said that there was no mention of the Pranahitha-Chevella project on which the government makes tall claims. He also alleged that there was no increase in the allocation to the Social Welfare. There was also no mention of land distribution, he lamented.

Questioning the dependence of the State government on Excise department to collect funds, Mr Mallesh feared that the government might hike the liquor prices in the coming year. Describing the budget as deceptive, he alleged that the government failed to allocate budget to the Telangana projects though the movement was at a peak stage.

The CPI deputy floor leader, Mr K Sambasiva Rao, said that the numbers are high but the allocations are low. The government failed to concentrate on any sector in the budget.

Alleging that the government introduced the budget with the help of ‘Marshals’, the CPM MLA, Mr J Ranga Reddy, said that the government failed to allocate budget on order of priority but allotted the same in the old fashion. He also pointed out that the budget failed to mention about the farmers’ and poor.

Describing the budget as “no wine in the old bottle”, the BJP floor leader, Mr G. Kishen Reddy, who walked out of the House in protest against the Deputy Speaker’s action against the TRS members, alleged that the government has failed to allot funds to last year’s schemes. The government has no clarity on allocation of funds under the fee reimbursement scheme.

Accusing the government of not allocating funds for the third phase of Krishna Water Supply to Hyderabad City scheme, Mr Kishen Reddy asked the government as how it would take up the Godavari water to Hyderabad scheme in the near future without any allocation of funds. Making it clear that it was not possible to the government to implement this budget, he said that the budget was like the Congress internal wars and confusing the people. (NSS)

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