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Budget Improper, Unrealistic: Chandrababu Naidu

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Hyderabad, Feb 23: Reacting to the State Budget for 2011-12 presented in the Assembly on Wednesday, the Telugu Desam party supremo and leader of Opposition, Mr Nara Chandrababu Naidu, has said that the government had no prior planning and foresight while preparing the Budget. He alleged that the government prepared the budget without studying any sector perfectly. He alleged that the government has allocated budget to the schemes which are vulnerable to corrupt practices.

Addressing the media at the TDLP office here on Wednesday, Mr Naidu said this year there was two per cent cut in the allocation of funds to welfare sector when compared to last year. Reminding that the government returned to power by assuring the people of nine-hour free power to the farmers, but in practice, the government was not even giving seven hours’ quality power to the agriculture sector and that too giving in night. The power cuts have become very common these days, he said and added that he was experiencing 10 times power cuts at his residence every day. He said that supplying power free of cost was not important, but supply of quality power was important. He said the Congress government has failed to generate power to satisfy the demand. Referring to Rs 2-a-kg rice scheme, he said that the government failed to give the assured quantity and asked as to whom it was giving red gram.

Mr Chandrababu said that the budget failed to mention the law and order and allocations to it. He said that the sons of ministers, particularly the Home Minister’s son, were extorting money by joining hands with extortionists. He said that the situation in the State has worsened with corrupt practices. Stating that the situation in the State was similar like in 1994-95, he said that after coming to power that time, he had released a series of white papers on the situation to fill confidence among the people. Stating that the government has failed to allocate budget for welfare of weavers, the second largest sector after agriculture, Mr Naidu said it was unfortunate that the government failed to mention the Handloom sector. He said that the government failed to allot the budget to the infrastructure development. He said that one knows the condition of the roads if one has gone across the State.

The present government was making tall claims on Information Technology, but was forgetting the fact that the TDP had developed it during its regime, he said, and alleged that the government has failed even to allocate budget for the IT sector.

Accusing the State government of making the ‘Jalayagnam’ into a burden on the State, he said that the government had introduced the scheme for its selfish ends. He wondered as to how it would complete the projects with the meager allocations. The Housing scheme has also become a false scheme in the State, he added.

Mr Chandrababu asked the government as to how it would make the fee reimbursement without sufficient budget allocation. The TDP has the history of bringing economic reforms in the State, he said, adding that the government was not in position to release funds for the students even though the Supreme Court directed it to do so. (NSS)

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