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Cause notice issued to lady ‘don’ on externment

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Hyderabad: City Police Commissioner AK Khan on Wednesday issued a show cause notice to infamous ‘lady don’, Farah Fatima on why she should not be externned from the city of Hyderabad,

The city police chief pointed out that externment orders /show cause notices have been issued to 12 rowdy sheeters so far under the provision of Sec. 26(1) of Hyderabad City Police Act, 1348 Fasli, to curb the activities of rowdy sheeters and to maintain peace and tranquility in Hyderabad City.

Mr Khan said that in order to continue the process of externment, show cause notice is issued to Lady don Farah Fathima, rowdy sheeter of Dabeerpura police station.

He pointed out that after her release from jail on September 6, 2003 in PD Act she was involved in 7 criminal cases and maintaining a gang of unsocial elements to commit unlawful acts and causing feeling of insecurity among the general public by creating alarm by her activities.

The top cop said that the city police will not tolerate illegal/unlawful activities of anti social elements/rowdy sheeters, who are disturbing the peace and tranquility in Hyderabad City.(INN)

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