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Centre’s Dilatory Tactics Fueling Telangana Fire: Common Man In A Quandary

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Hyderabad: Anarchy thy name is Andhra Pradesh. This is amply evident from the prevailing situation in the State for the past few months on the contentious issue of separate Telangana State.

After the Justice B N Srikrishna Committee submitted its report on December 31, 2010 giving six options to resolve the complicated issue, the delay in taking a decision by the UPA government and the Congress High Command seem to be adding fuel to the raging fire in the State, especially in the Telangana region.

The State is facing an unprecedented political crisis besides the administration coming to a virtual standstill. What is more, the separate State issue has brought a vertical divide among the people of the two regions – Telangana and Seemandhra — who are living under growing uncertainty and bitter feelings while the politicians are engaged in fishing in troubled waters.

Especially, the Telangana region has turned into a virtual cauldron with the separatists stepping up their agitations with each passing day. Rail roko, Rasta roko, dharnas and bandhs have become the order of the day in the past few months making normal life go haywire.

As the students have taken to the streets, their academic career has been adversely affected. With the students more engaged in pitched battles with the police and security forces and the teaching staff too turning into agitators, the educational institutions have become non-functional. Repeated postponement of scheduled examinations as the students were engaged on the streets rather than in schools seem to be only leading loss of a precious academic year putting the parents in turmoil over the future of their children.

The business community is also adversely affected as it is forced to pull down the shutters regularly due to bandhs and violent incidents. True to the adage that “justice delayed is justice denied” those who have knocked the doors of judiciary to get redressal of various grievances have been left in the lurch with the advocates joining the agitation and non-functioning of the courts. The less said the better about the plight and pathetic condition of the daily wage earners.


The State administration is completely paralyzed with the Telangana employees launching a non-cooperation movement forcing the Treasury to go bankrupt. The Governor, the Chief Minister and his ministerial colleagues besides the employees could not receive their monthly salary. Many families which solely depended on the monthly income received a rude shock as they are at a loss to find ways and means to meet their daily requirements and commitments.

As if this was not enough, the elected representatives have made a mockery of the legislature functioning. Instead of deliberating on numerous crucial issues confronting the people and State, the legislators have been engaged in a game of political one-upmanship. Both the Houses of the State legislature could not transact any business as ruckus and pandemonium have become a daily affair. Political parties were busy more in trading charges against each other and vied with each other to remain in lime light in the media.

All these unsavory developments are forcing the Aam Admi to wonder what steps the State government is contemplating to restore normalcy in the State and ensure the people to lead a peaceful and unhindered life. All sections are unanimous that the onus in this regard lies solely with the powers that be in Delhi. Any further dilly dallying in taking a categorical decision to untie the knotty Telangana issue would only deepen the prevailing anarchy in the State. One only hopes that better sense would prevail at least now before it is too late. (NSS)

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