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Chittor Collector orders to demolish Madrasa: Muslims condemned

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MuslimsChittor District Collector Ramgopal orders to demolish the additional floor of Madarasa-E-Niswan-Isaha-Atul-Islam at Chandragiri in the district.

Muslims scholars and NGOs condemned the orders and said that there are many more buildins in Tirupati which are exceeding the limits, why the collector gave orders to demolish Madrasa building only. In this decision BJP and other communal parties are creating hatred among the people.

The Madrasa is functioning from past 18 years and following the guidelines of the education department, and the construction for the new floors started from 2009 with the permissions.

The Collector using his power injudiciously passed orders of demolishing; they are ready to pay the penalty according to BPS limit by the government. They also ready to accept this demolishing only when all the illegal structure in Tirupati were demolished according to their date of construction, he added.

Sheik Arshad Bashir Madina of Asklslampedia.com said that Madarsa’s teach only Quaran for humanitarian development of its people, and never encourage the Terrorism in any manner. And this Madrasa is providing education for 300 economically backward muslim children.

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