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CLMC deplores denial of justice in Macca Masjid blast case

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Hyderabad: The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee has deplored that while four years were completed now since the Macca Masjid bomb blast in the city, the culprits were still free, the investigation was not serious and justice was still denied.

Addressing a media meet here today, Prof. Rehana Sultana, President, Mr Lateef Mohd Khan, General Secretary, Mr S K Masood, Secretary and Ms. Kaneeza Fatima, Joint Secretary, said that the Makkah Masjid blast on May 18, 2007 was an attack on the democratic and secular fabric of the country. They alleged that the Hindutva terrorists planted the bombs and targeted the people praying on Friday in Macca Masjid, and after that, the Hindutva police fired at the praying people and those who are helping the victims. They also alleged that the police provided the logistical support to the Hindutva terrorists. The most heinous act of the police was that they blamed the Muslim community for this barbarous act, and the reason for this blast given by the police was the sectoral differences among the Muslims. “All these things were written in the secret report of the police that was presented to the Government. With this, it is clear that the role of Hyderabad police is suspicious in the Macca Masjid bomb blast”, they added.

They further said that it could be said clearly that the Hyderabad police helped the Hindutva terrorists by turning the investigation on wrong path, and by targeting innocent Muslims.

They took the Government to task for not releasing the Bhaskar Rao Commission report on the police firing and also Advocate Ravichander’s report on illegal detentions. They demanded the Government to present the Bhaskar Rao Commission report in the Legislative Assembly, and Ravichander’s report before the people. They also demanded that the bomb blast and the police firing be investigated with seriousness, and that the Government should put a full stop to the Hindutva terrorism and book these terrorist under the rule of Law. They strongly condemned the police attitude in not allowing paying homage to the martyrs of the Macca Masjid blast. (NSS)

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