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Cong, TDP MLAs flayed for ‘clinging’ to power

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The thunder has been stolen by Anna Hazare but this did not deter Telangana protagonists on Wednesday from declaring a war on Congress and TDP MLAs for ‘betraying’ the struggle for statehood to Telangana and launching a broadside against T ministers for clinging on to their posts.

Though the mood at the maha dharna, organised by the Telangana political JAC was emotionally surcharged, speaker after speaker renewed their appeal urging all sections of the society to unite for the T cause and bring the administration to a standstill.

“Our efforts must force the Centre to restore the December 9, 2009 announcement initiating the process for the formation of separate Telangana state. We must bring pressure on all MPs, MLAs and MLCs from the region to get their resignations accepted at the earliest so that a strong message is conveyed to the Centre,” they felt.

The meeting was attended by all TJAC affiliates from TRS, BJP, CPI-ML New Democracy, advocates, doctors, government employees, teachers, students and artistes. Addressing the gathering, Telangana political JAC chairman M Kodandaram asked people in the region not to allow ministers to move around in the region till their resignations are accepted. “Telangana ministers have betrayed our people yet again. We request all MLAs to submit their resignations afresh and get them accepted by the Speaker at the earliest. Else, they will invite the wrath of the people. People must put up sign boards at the entrance to all villages saying `MLAs who failed to resign for T are not welcome’. We must pour out onto the streets and bring pressure on the state and central governments,” he said.

The TJAC chairman blamed the Centre for diluting the movement in the name of talks and questioned the sincerity and commitment of T ministers and MPs. “Everyone should come forward to participate in the strike. This strike is not limited to government employees and JAC affiliates alone. We must all unite and make the general strike from September 6 a big success,” he said.

Lashing out at the TDP chief, he said Chandrababu Naidu was trying to make inroads into Telangana region by using the Anna Hazare issue. “People are not willing to believe him anymore,” he said. TOI

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