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Congress holds Telangana horses

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Hyderabad: The Congress high command made it clear on Wednesday that it has no intention of taking a call on the Telangana issue early, a decision that has left the Congress MPs and MLAs from the region out in the cold. They are now divided and have nowhere to go except join hands with the elected representatives of other parties from the region who have also put in their resignations.

The decision of the party high command was made clear through three different voices on Wednesday – highly placed Congress sources to a section of the media on conditions of anonymity, Union Home minister P Chidambaram at a press conference and AICC general secretary in-charge of AP Ghulam Nabi Azad to these Congress MLAs who called on him in the morning.

Spelling out the party line, a highly placed AICC member told a section of the media on Wednesday evening that there was no immediate or long-term solution for Telangana . “For some problems, no solution is the best solution. Telangana falls in that category. Therefore, procrastination (on the Telangana issue) is our policy,” he said, dismissing the possibility of these ministers and MLAs posing a threat to either the party or the Kiran Kumar government. “The verification of the resignations by the MPs, MLAs and MLCs by the respective presiding officers will take at least a couple of months. And in politics, two months is a long time. Anything can happen in between,” the functionary said. According to sources, the only way out that the party is willing to offer these leaders is to widely publicise its decision to delete clause 14-F from the Presidential Order (which would act as a positive gesture towards Telangana and open some lower-level government jobs to locals) and offer a road map for consultations. But for that to happen, “the resignations have to be taken back first,” is the condition .

When the leaders asked how they could withdraw their resignations when representatives of other parties were not likely to fall in line, they were told to fend for themselves as they had resigned without consulting the high command. TOI

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