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Congress Is Dead Burden, Should Go Lock, Stock And Barrel: BJP

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Stating that Congress’ rule is a saga of betrayals and broken promises, the BJP leaders have said the Congress has no moral or political right to continue in office even for a moment as it has become a dead burden on the country. It should go lock, stock and barrel, they added.

Former president of national BJP and MP M. Venkaiah Naidu was speaking at the party-sponsored dharna against UPA’s corrupt practices and misrule at theIndiraParkhere on Wednesday.

“We will relentlessly wage a political war against this government both inside and outside Parliament. Corruption, price rise, inflation, FDI in multi-brand retail, agricultural crisis, farmers’ woes and broken promises will be the major issues in the forthcoming elections and the only alternative before the people is the BJP-led NDA. The Government is neck-deep in corruption. Sky-rocketing prices are breaking the backbone of aam admi continuously. Farmers’ suicides are continuing unabated, internal security is thrown to the winds and every section of the society is unhappy with the government of the day”, he thundered.

Venkaiah Naidu said the Congress promise something and act contrary to that. He said though they promised to control prices within 100 days of coming to power, the Government itself has hiked prices of petroleum products like diesel, LPG 24 times and fertilizers prices 12 times in 24 months. Besides, they promised to initiate steps to bring back black money, but now, they are trying to protect them by not disclosing their names in spite of getting 700 odd names from France, he pointed out. “They have forgotten farmers. The flip-flops in export policy are adversely affecting farmers. They could not create enough storage for food grains; rather allowed lakhs of tons of food grains to rot. They have betrayed the people of Telangana by making false promises and throwing Andhra Pradesh into turmoil with their indecisiveness. They let down women by not providing Women’s Reservation.  They said elections to 16th Lok Sabha will be held on the basis of 1/3 reservation for women.  It is no where in sight.

He said they have betrayed the Parliament.  They gave assurances to that august body and went against them shamelessly. They have broken promises on one side and they are taking steps unilaterally on issues which they opposed while in opposition.  They opposed FDI in retail while in opposition now they are becoming strong votary of FDI in retail. They have failed on all fronts.  They were in deep slumber for 8 and ½ years and suffered policy paralysis all these years.  Now suddenly they have become hysterical.  To cover up their massive scams, they have raked up so-called reforms which are anti-people.

They have devalued, defamed and misused every institution including constitutional and statutory bodies like C&AG, EC, CVC, Governor’s institution, CBI etc.  They have enlarged EC to weaken the authority of the CEC and have their person appointed.  They are attacking and maligning C&AG.  They tried to appoint a tainted person as CVC.
They have record number of scams now.  They want to paint black whoever finds faults with you.  But scams won’t vanish by painting C&AG black.  Congress has forgotten that its stock crashed after it resorted to C&AG bashing in 1989.  Same thing will be repeated as and when elections are held. They have acquired the notoriety in misusing CBI to defame and trouble political opponents, win over neutrals who do not fall in line and keep the allies under control.  They made CBI as their most faithful ally.

Earlier, the BJP leaders took out a bike rally fromSundaraiahParkto Indira Park Dharna chowk. Party senior leaders Bandaru Dattatreya, G. Kishan Reddy, Dr K. Lakshman, Baddam Balreddy were among 200 party activists participated in the rally. (NSS)

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