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Congress MPs condemn attack on colleagues

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New Delhi: The Congress MPs, Mr Ponnam Prabhakar, Mr Manda Jagannatham and others, condemned the attack by agitators on their colleagues Dr K Keshav Rao and Mr Madhu Yashki Goud during the Million March in Hyderabad.

Talking to the media here on Thursday, Mr Prabhakar said that it was improper on the part of agitators to attack Congress MPs who were fighting for the Telangana State. He said such acts would only dilute the spirit of the movement, instead of helping achieve the object of separate Telangana State.

Condemning the arrest of agitators, Mr Prabhakar has demanded that all those who were arrested during the March should be immediately released. When asked how he was justifying the release of those who indulged in violence, Mr Prabhakar said he was only asking for the release of those who were taken into custody by the police to prevent them from participating in the march. He also asserted that the Congress party never supported violence or vandalism. He said thousands of people trying to reach Hyderabad from the districts were arrested and demanded that such people be released.

Mr Prabhakar demanded that the State government send a report to the Centre on what happened on the Tank Bund during the Million March, to show to the Centre the intensity of the desire of Telangana people for separate state. He said if the State government failed to send such a report, the Centre should get the report itself.

Referring to the demand for resignation of Congress MPs, he said they were all ready to quit their posts. Stating that quitting the membership of Lok Sabha was a small issue, Mr Prabhakar said the Congress MPs were moving forward with a clear strategy to achieve Telangana. He asserted that Telangana State was their ultimate goal.

Mr Manda Jagannatham said that history was created through the Million March. He said that the Congress MPs had expressed their solidarity to the Telangana JAC which conducted the March. He said that the Congress members had created history by tying their mouths with black ribbons during the speech of the President of India to the Joint Session of Parliament.

Asserting that all the Telangana Congress MPs were for achieving Telangana state, he appealed to the agitators not to indulge in attacks on them. He said such acts of violence would create a talk that MPs themselves had no security and send wrong signals to the people. Such wrong signals would only be counter-productive for the Telangana agitation, he maintained.

Stating that they all had moral responsibility in achieving Telangana state, Mr Jagannatham said they were increasing the pressure on the Central government to concede it at the earliest. (NSS)

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