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Contract marriage racket busted, 6, including two Sudanese held

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Hyderabad: Moghalpura police on Tuesday broke a sexual slavery racket, organised under the guise of marriage by arresting six persons, including two Sudanese Nationals, two women, a Qazi and his assistant, for forcing a poor girl to undergo a forced marriage and ruining her life.

The police identified the six arrested as Mohammed Elshafie Mohammed Elhassan alias Ansari (25), a Sudanese student residing in Khairtabad, his friend and countryman Khaled el-Rashid Khalid (27), Zahera Begum and Ghousia Begum, both Hyderabadis who acted as touts, Qazi Syed Shakeeluddin alias Shakeel Ahmed and Syed Abdul Malik, another Qazi who assisted Shakeel.

The case came to light when a 16-year-old girl made her way to the police station on June 23, 2011 and revealed the gory details of the legalised sexual slavery under the guise of ‘marriage.’

The girl, shocked the police by revealing that not only was she forced to marry the Sudanese student, but also forced to affix her thumb impressions on a blank bond paper so that he could ‘divorce’ her when the time for him to leave the country came.

Meanwhile, she would serve him as an object of sexual satisfaction, besides living like a maid, carrying out his bidding and taking care of daily needs.

The girl told the police that her marriage was performed on June 9, 2011, without her consent, at the behest of her mother and two brokers.

The girl also revealed that the two Qazis had taken her thumb impression on blank bond papers and against her consent, the Sudanese ‘bridegroom’ Ansari sexually molested her.

The victim further revealed to the police that the two Qazis had performed marriage and Sudanese has paid Rs 50,000 as ‘Meher’ to her mother. This money was by the two touts who connived with Qazis and Ansari.

Seeking police protection, the girl told the police that she had been confined to the groom’s apartment in Khairtabad against her will where his friend Khalid also made sexual advances towards her.

The police swung into action and registered a case in Cr No 66/2011 under Sections 366, 366(A), 376, 354, 420, 109, 498-A read with 34 IPC, and took up investigation. The police said that relevant sections of Immoral Trafficking Act will be added later.

The police, in the course of their investigations, found out that the two women touts, Zahra Begum, a widow aged 40 yrs and Ghousia Begum aged 40, had been operating in old city and their purpose was to scout for poor minor girls and lure their parents into performing a marriage with foreigners.

The two women used to arrange a meeting with the two Qazis who then created Nikah Nama papers, showing that the girl has given her consent to marry a foreigner and she was a major.

The two touts also targeted foreign students studying in Hyderabad engaged them into a ‘contract’ marriage under the guise of Nikah with the girl.

These students paid Rs 50,000 to the girls’ parents, the amount which would be shared by the touts.

A Nikah would be subsequently performed, without the consent of the bride but with the consent of her parents. It may be mentioned her that a Nikah performed without the consent of the bride is invalid under Islamic Law and prohibited by the Qazzat in India.

The ‘bride’ is then taken by the ‘groom’ to live with him and become his ‘sexual slave’, till the time he stays in the country.

To protect himself and Qazis, on the very date of marriage they take signatures and thumb impression of the bride on a blank bond paper to create a document that she has executed Qula nama (divorce). This Qula Namah will be utilised at the time of his leaving the country.

The police, based on the complaint of the girl, raided the Ansari’s apartment and seized the passports of the two Sudanese nationals, one blank bond paper containing thumb impressions and signatures of the victim,

Two women touts Zahra Begum and Ghousia Begum, besides the two Quazis have also been arrested. Besides this, the original Nikah Nama and one blank bond paper containing thumb impression of the victim and two witnesses has also been seized.(INN)

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