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CPI Asks Chiru To Take Back Merger Decision With cong

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Hyderabad, Feb.9 (NSS): The Communist Party of India has requested the PRP President Mr Chiranjeevi to think afresh in a calm manner on the ethical and others aspects and take a courageous decision to take back his decision to merge his party in the Congress party.

In a lengthy letter addressed to Mr Chiranjeevi, the CPI state Secretary Dr K Narayana made it clear that the former had not right to insult and deceive the 70 lakh voters who had voted for the PRP reposing faith in him and his ‘Social Justice’ slogan, and it was nothing but betraying the peoples’ faith for the sake of Minister posts. The votes his party polled were anti-congress votes, he pointed out and wondered how Mr Chiranjeevi could now merge the party in Congress.

Dr Narayana pointed out that the Congress party is in shambles in the State and at the Centre, mired in numerous corruption cases, and lost the faith of the people. In the State, the ruling party was totally divided on the Telangana issue; the Government’s corrupt practices came to light in Jala yagnam and several other issues. The Government was unable to pay fee reimbursement and scholarships, following which students were committing suicide. Project works were settled as Bills were not paid.


At the National level, the Congress Government was neck-deep in corruption in 2G spectrum, Commonwealth Games, etc., it was adopting anti-farmer policies, forcing the agriculturists to commit suicide; inflation reached 18 percent due to its faulty policies, Dr Narayana said and listed other issues.

He said the Congress is a sinking ship and none could save it now. He said Mr Chiranjeevi could not save the Congress ship, and he himself would also sink along with the Congress party. (NSS)

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