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Cracks appear in Telangana Congress

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Though publicly the Telangana Congress Steering Committee meeting held here on Saturday has decided to continue its boycott of Parliament and ministerial duties, there seems to be differences among the leaders, and it is believed that some of the MPs will attend Parliament from Monday.

One of the chairmen of the Steering Committee, the MP, Dr K. Kesava Rao, surprised newsmen when he said that he will attend the Rajya Sabha on the day a discussion on the Telangana issue will be held, to “tear into pieces” the government’s inaction in resolving the state bifurcation issue.

“I believe the CPI member, Mr Aziz Pasha, gave a notice for discussion. I will participate in the discussion,” Mr Kesava Rao said.

However, he added that MPs will not take back their resignations or attend the session.

Telangana ministers have been clearing files and meeting officials at the government guest houses and will continue to do so. The three Telangana MPs, Mr Balaram Naik, Mr Madhu Yashki Gowd and Mr Suresh Shetkar, are expected to attend the session from Monday.

The meeting also decided to extend support to all agitations including the strike from August 17, and a day’s fast on August against 14(f) clause. On August 9 ‘Quit India Day’, all leaders will take up a day’s fast in memory of Telangana martyrs.

They will also hoist the Telangana flag along with the national flag on August 15. Dr Kesava Rao said Mr Chidambaram’s statement on Telangana caused immense heartburn to all.

“This is nothing but enacting an escaping game,” he said. Deccan Chronicle

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