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Damodar asks Jaipal Reddy to quit or face wrath

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Hyderabad: The senior Congress leader and MLA, Mr Ramreddy Damodar Reddy, has demanded that the Union Petroleum Minister, Mr S Jaipal Reddy, immediately tender his resignation to membership of Lok Sabha. He also warned the Union minister that he would remain as a betrayer of the Telangana if he failed to submit his resignation.

Speaking at the Assembly media point here on Tuesday, Mr Damodar Reddy said that already nine MPs have tendered their resignations to the Lok Sabha Speaker on Monday.

Demanding Mr Jaipal Reddy to submit his resignation as MP and ministerial post, Mr Damodar Reddy said the former would not be allowed to step into the region if he failed to submit his resignation. Admitting that the resignations of Telugu Desam MLAs have boosted the morale of Congress leaders, he said the Telangana Congress leaders would not accept anything other than separate Telangana. He urged other political leaders to fight for the cause of Telangana keeping their flags and agendas aside.

Warning that the people would hound out the leaders, who went Delhi, if they accepted anything short of Telangana, he said they have to bring news in favor of Telangana. He demanded that the State ministers to maintain distance by abstaining from official meetings and review meetings.

Responding to a query, Mr Damodar Reddy said that gunmen security was needed to the leaders who have not yet tendered their resignations. He said that a future course of action would be chalked out after the leaders returned from Delhi. He also said that he was not aware of the ministers’ visit to Delhi.

Responding to another question, Mr Reddy said the police force should not enter the Osmania University campus.

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