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Damodar Rajanarsimha thanks to Sonia Gandhi for giving DY. CM post

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Hyderabad: The Higher Education Minister, Mr Damodar Rajanarsimha, on Thursday thanked the AICC president, Ms Sonia Gandhi, and the Chief Minister, Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy, for having confidence on him and selecting him for Deputy Chief Minister post. He also felt that his appointment to the post was part of the Congress party programme to ensure equality in the society and balancing caste equality.

Mr Rajanarsimha was reacting when journalists brought the news of his election as Deputy CM to his notice at a media conference in the Secretariat.

The Minister said that Deputy Chief Minister post was more responsible one. Reminding that he came from Dalit community and the post was a rare honor to him, he said that the Congress high command appointing the leaders like him in some posts was to bring about social and caste equality. Such daring decisions were required for vibrant society, he added.

Stating that there was a need to bring about change in the society, he said that persons who lead the society should bring change in themselves in positive direction. I am thanking Ms Sonia Gandhi and Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy for providing opportunity to serve the people and work for the party.

Asked whether he would keep quiet on Telangana issue as he got Deputy CM’s post, he said “we should take decisions as per situation and wisdom. We should wait for the time of the situation.”

Stating that allegations and criticism were common in politics, he said that the government would prove the allegations of the Opposition that the government has failed in all matters, totally wrong. The Opposition parties have a right to move no-confidence motion against the government, he said, adding that the government would face it successfully.

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