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Dattatreya ridicules Kiran’s claim that farmers are Happy

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Hyderabad: Senior BJP leader and former Union Minister Mr Bandaru Dattatreya

Has ridiculed the Chief Minister Mr K Kiran Kumar Reddy’s claim that the farmers of the State are in a very happy position now, while the reality is that they were faced with many problems and are in deep distress, as they were not getting remunerative price for the produce, there were nobody to purchase the present Rabi paddy as also the earlier khariff paddy in the market.

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Mr Dattatreya also criticized the Chief Minister for giving a call to the farmers to produce a record 122 lakh tones of paddy during the coming rabi season, while the government was not in a position to supply the required seeds to the farmers. He said that the Chief Minister seems to be totally unaware of the plight of the farmers in the State, and releasing advertisements in the newspapers, in the name of Rythu Sadassulu, making tall claims.

The BJP leader said that during the rabi season, farmers have produced more than one crore tones of paddy, but their stocks were piled up, as there were none to purchase them at the minimum support price. The farmers were forced to sell away the stocks at much lower prices and they were in a miserable position. The Ministers were making statements that seeds would be made available at 50 per cent subsidy rates, but in reality the farmers were not given a kilo of seeds so far on subsidy while the Rohini karthi arrived and it was time for sowing the crops of all pulses. The farmers were forced to purchase seeds in auctions at much higher prices, and this was a very shameful situation never witnessed earlier.

He demanded the Government to take possession of the seeds from all the seed companies, start seeds selling centres in all Mandals and sell the seeds at Government prescribed rates and also take effective measures to ensure supply of fertilizers on time to the farmers.

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