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Despite Azad’s statement, will go ahead with last Delhi trip: KK

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Hyderabad: Congress leader from Telangana K Kesava Rao on Monday brushed aside the hints given by Union Health Minister and Congress In-Charge for AP Affairs Ghulam Nabi Azad that any solution to the contentious separate Telangana issue would not be forthcoming soon, by saying that the proposed ‘last trip to New Delhi’ on June 9 and 10 would go ahead as scheduled.

Mr Kesava Rao told media persons at his residence that the Congress leaders from Telangana would indeed stick to the deadline of June 20 given by them on Saturday and adopt an agitational approach from July, if the Centre does not take a concrete announcement on the separate statehood demand.

The senior Congress leader was reacting to the remarks of Mr Azad in New Delhi where he said that the separate Telangana issue was ‘very sensitive’ and the situation which prevailed immediately after the December 9, 2009 statement of Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has not changed.

Mr Azad had hinted that the Centre would need more time to choose the best possible of the six options given by the Justice Srikrishna Committee in its Report.

Mr Kesava Rao also sought to allay any apprehensions which might arise from Mr Azad’s statement by saying that the comments are not indicative that the Centre was trying to delay a decision.

“Mr Azad did not say that the Centre would delay its decision, he said that the issue is sensitive. Do not read between the lines please,” the Rajya Sabha Member stated.

Reacting to questions that the next PCC president might be from Telangana, Mr Kesava Rao said that the origins would not matter. “The next PCC president’s dedication towards the fight for Telangana is more important,” he said.(INN)

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