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Do not paint my words with regional brush: Jaipal

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Hyderabad: Union Petroleum Minister on Saturday expressed shock at the attempt of some political parties to twist his words and give them a regional colour by saying that he had never advocated any particular region.

Talking to media persons at his residence in Jubilee Hills, Mr Jaipal Reddy categorically stated that he had called on the Congressmen across the state and the country to remain united. He said that his words were chosen carefully and were directed only towards all the Congress party leaders and activists.

“My statement was in no way connected to any region. I did not say anything against Telangana or against Seemandhra regions. I was talking about the Congress party,” the Union Minister said.

Mr Jaipal Reddy said that as part of a member of the Union Cabinet, he is bound to maintain silence on any issue which he is not directly concerned with.

“As part of the Union Cabinet, I cannot comment on any issue since it would mean my words would be representing the Centre. I will not talk about Telangana or Andhra Pradesh since I my responsibilities do not entail me to do so,” the Union Minister said.

He further added that he would give his views on the contentious Telangana statehood issue only after the Union Cabinet takes a decision.

Mr Jaipal Reddy also told the scribes that the reason behind the unscheduled press briefing was that he did not want his words to be twisted and a controversy generated.

Earlier in the day, Telangana Rashtra Samithi politburo member B Vinod Kumar had demanded clarification to Mr Jaipal Reddy’s statement made during the function to welcome new PCC president Botsa Satyanarayana. (INN)

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