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Emaar-MGF boss can’t leave Hyderabad: CBI

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Evading queries by investigating agencies by giving some excuse or the other, especially when the person in question is under the scanner, can sometimes boomerang. And Shravan Gupta, managing director of Emaar-MGF, who had a ‘rendezvous’ with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Tuesday, seems to have learnt it the hard way.

Annoyed with the replies of the Delhibased businessmen during questioning on Tuesday, the CBI has ordered him not to leave Hyderabad until further orders. Repeated pleas by Gupta to allow him to go to Delhi citing ‘urgent work’ failed to cut ice with the CBI and he was told to stay back in Hyderabad. Reason: absence of his chartered accountant.

Sources disclosed to Express that during his intense, daylong grilling at the Dilkusha guest house regarding the Emaar scam, Gupta repeatedly told the CBI officials that he ‘knew nothing about the transactions’ and that his chartered accountant could give more information. “Many issues you have raised can be best explained by my CA,” was what he told them.

But to his surprise, the CBI officials reacted by telling him to call his CA immediately. Taken aback, Gupta did a Uturn saying the CA was ‘very seriously ill’ and would not be able to come till four to five days. “Ok, can I leave now?” was how he reportedly answered them.

However, in a more surprising response, the CBI officials said in that case he had to stay back till the CA appears before them.

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