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Entire House condemns vandalism on Tank Bund

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Hyderabad: Members cutting across party lines in the State Assembly on Friday expressed grave concern and severely condemned the destruction of statues of eminent Telugu saints and poets during the Million March on Tank Bund yesterday.

Participating in the discussions after the Home Minister made a statement in the House, the members were unanimous that the destruction of the statues had brought disrepute to the image of the Telugus as a whole and the people of the State had to bow down their heads in shame. “It was a black day in the history of the State”, they observed.

However, while unequivocally condemning the vandalism, the members took an opportunity to resort to blame game holding the State government responsible in preventing the incident and the Congress High Command for throwing the State into the present crisis by dilly dallying in resolving the Telangana tangle.

Taking to task the Kiran Kumar Reddy government for “utterly failing” to prevent the vandalism that was unleashed on Tank Bund, the TDP members, Mr Muddu Krishnama Naidu and Mr Ramakotiah said the Congress has no right to rule the State any longer. As a matter of fact, the AICC president, Ms Sonia Gandhi, and the Union Home Minister, Mr P Chidambaram, are solely responsible for the prevailing crisis in the State, Mr Muddu Krishnama Naidu charged.

The CPI member, Mr Sambasiva Rao, expressing complete anguish over the destruction of the statues, felt that there was hidden hand of hooligans in trying to divert the main separate State issue. Accusing the Congress leaders of indulging in selfish political game to remain in power, the CPI leader blamed the Congress leaders being responsible for the sorry state of affairs in the State. “You have been playing with the sentiments and lives of Telangana people”, he observed amidst loud protests from the treasury benches.

Defending his party’s decision to support the separate Telangana State demand, the CPI member explained that they had to bow down to the wishes and sentiments of the people of the region. Stating that it was better to part ways as brothers rather than living together with bitterness, he appealed to the Chief Minister to use his good offices with the Prime Minister and the Congress High Command to bifurcate the State without further delay. (NSS)

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