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Erasu finds fault with centre for decision on Telangana issue

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Hyderabad: Stating that it was a mistake on the part of the Centre to delay a decision all these days, the Law Minister Mr Erasu Prathap Reddy has said that the Centre has to take a decision on Telangana issue immediately.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan premises here on Wednesday, Mr Prathapa Reddy said that the Centre has to start a process whatever it may be. He said that the Centre’s delay has led to the issue reaching its peak now. He urged the Centre to come forward to find a solution to it. He said that the Centre or the State has to bring the leaders belonging to three regions to one dais to find a solution by announcing a particular time-frame.

He said that he has come to the Gandhi Bhavan along with the Medchal MLA Mr K Laxma Reddy and Tanuku MLA Mr K Venkata Nageshwar Rao on the invitation of the PCC Chief Mr Botcha Sathyanarayana to discuss on the present situation. Responding to a query, Mr Prathap Reddy said that the Congress leaders from all the regions have to abide by the Centre’s decision whatever it may. “We have to break the issue at one point”, he said. He said that some of them who do not like the decision taken by the high command might leave the party, but it will not harm its interests.

Stating that resignations would not solve the problem, the Law Minister said that the governments’ will fall down with the resignations and it was not possible to solve the issue without the State and Central governments. He said that he was expecting that the Centre would announce an amicable solution to the problem. He said that he advised the Party to have a meeting by bringing all- political parties to one dais to find a solution to Telangana issue.

Demanding the Centre to announce a time bound program to solve the Telangana issue, Mr Laxma Reddy said that people were dying in Telangana region due to the delay in taking a decision by the Centre. Stating that it was time to protect the party, he said that it was good to the party if it initiated a meeting with the leaders of three regions to find a solution to the issue.

Mr Venkata Nageshwar Rao has said that resignations were not a solution to the Telangana issue. It was good to the leaders of all the regions to sit together, discuss on the issue and find a solution, he said and added that it was far better if all the parties sit together to find a road map to the issue.

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