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Every one should be convinced on Telangana: Shashidhar Reddy

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New Delhi: The Sanathnagar Congress MLA, Mr Marri Shashidhar Reddy, has said that efforts should be made to convince every one on Telangana.

Talking to the media here on Thursday, he said he was also committed to Telangana. However, as the AICC State in charge, Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad, said there was a need for convincing people of all regions about it, he said if people of any region opposed to Telangana State, they should be convinced. He contended that those who did not resign for Telangana should not be treated as traitors.

Stating that Telangana was a very complex issue, he said it cannot be achieved through resignations. He appealed to the people’s representatives and the OU students to give up their fast.

Mr Shashidhar Reddy felt that it was not proper to fix deadlines to the Congress High Command on Telangana. Stating that the party leadership seized the matter, he said they should be given enough time.

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