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‘Extra marital affair led to TDP leader’s murder’

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Police teams launched a manhunt for private transport company owner V Nagaraju on the charge that he was the prime suspect in the killing of Telugu Desam Party students wing leader Vadlamudi Mohan a fortnight ago. Police have already named him as one of the 15 accused in the case in which four persons have been arrested so far.

Mohan’s body was found along the national highway near Nidamanuru on July 15 and police initially believed that it could have been hit and run case. Curiously, Mohan’s political mentor and urban TDP chief Vallabhnaneni Vamsi’s demand for a thorough investigation into the case landed many of his friends in trouble as the accused in the murder of Mohan were very close to Vamsi.

According to police sources, transport company owner Nagaraju’s wife Nalini is at the centre of the murder investigation. Police gathered information about the telephonic conversation between Mohan and Nalini on the ill-fated day. Sources said Mohan had an ‘extramarital relationship’ with Nalini and that this had angered the family members of the woman and perhaps finally led to the killing of Mohan. As per the investigation so far, Nalini is said to have invited Mohan to her residence under pressure from her husband Nagaraju.

Not aware that a trap has been laid for him, Mohan arrived at her house that fateful night where he was attacked by Nagaraju and his associates soon after he entered the house. The offenders beat him blue and black till he died. They reportedly took care that the victim did not receive any visible bleeding injury so that it does not appear to be murder. The body was then taken in a car in the dark of the night and thrown along the side of national high way to make it look like a hit and run case.

The attackers also ran over the body with the car while leaving the spot and placed Mohan’s bike next to the body. However, one slip that they made, according to the police, was that there was no damage to the bike, which made the cops doubt the hit and run theory. In fact, the police stepped up the investigation after TDP leaders made a special request to crack the case.

“Vamsi might have made the request thinking that his follower Mohan was killed by Congress leaders. To his surprise, the suspects turned out to be his associates leaving him red-faced,” said a police official.

Sources said that Mohan developed the extramarital relationship with Nalini when he started visiting their residence along with Vamsi. Police sources claimed they are probing whether Vamsi too had an affair with another lady in Nalini’s family. Meanwhile, police kept massive bandobust at the city metropolitan courts on Saturday upon information that Nagaraju and other accused in the case might surrender before the magistrate. All the family members of Nagaraju fled the home about a week ago. TOI

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