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Few Telangana-MPs want to attend House

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The Telangana Congress leaders are set to decide on their next course of action on Saturday against the backdrop of differences among themselves regarding ministers returning to work and MPs attending the Parliament Session.

It seems that some party MPs have suggested to the steering committee that Telangana cannot be achieved by boycotting Parliament and avoiding discussion on Telangana in Parliament at a time when the party president, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, is indisposed, as she alone can take a decision on Telangana.

Notable among them was the Nizamabad MP, Mr Madhu Yashki Goud, who suggested that nothing could be achieved by merely staying away from Parliament. “We all thought that if we resigned there would be a crisis-like situation and the government would be forced to grant the Telangana. But nothing happened. It is also a fact that each party wishes to float their ideas and agitations in Telangana without coming under one umbrella. People are unnecessarily confused about agitations. In a democracy nothing can be achieved without debates, consultations and negotiations. Telangana also should be achieved in a similar fashion. So what is wrong in attending Parliament and demanding Telangana

” Mr Madhu Yashki asked.

A source from the T-Congress steering committee admitted that two more MPs were also thinking along these lines. Sources added that at least half of them will attend Parliament from Monday. The Zaheerabad MP, Mr Suresh Shetkar, had attended Session on Thursday and took part in voting. Deccan Chronicle

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