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Forum Urges PM, Sonia, Political Parties To Create Telangana State

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Hyderabad: The ‘Hyderabad Forum for Telangana’, a group of people from different walks of life who support the formation of a separate Telangana State, here on Thursday released at a media meet an “Open Letter” to the Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh, the UPA Chairperson, Ms Sonia Gandhi and to all political parties.

Speaking to the media at the Hyderabad Press Club here on Thursday, the Osmania University professor and a member of the core group of the ‘Right to Food’, Prof. Rama Melkote said that the letter signed by about 100 people cutting across diverse occupations, reminds the Prime minister, Mr Manmohan Singh and the UPA Chairperson, Ms Sonia Gandhi of the assurances given by the UPA regime and also approvals given by various leading politicians in the country with regard to the formation of the Telangana State.

Prof. Rama Melkote said that the ‘Open Letter’ appeals to the ruling Congress party and all other political parties to look beyond the framework of power politics and electoral gains, and demonstrate their commitment to democracy and justice by introducing immediately the Bill in the Parliament for formation of a separate Telangana State. She also stated that the Telangana movement has reached a point of no return and there is no going back on the demand for a separate statehood for Telangana. Besides, the people of Telangana rightly feel that “it is now or never”.

Prof. Melkote said that the forum would continue to work as earlier even after the formation of the Telangana State and remind the elected government to fulfill the promises it made to the people at the time of elections.

Former minister, Mr Basheerudhin Babu Khan, who presided over the meeting, said that all kinds of development like irrigation, electricity and the Special Economic Zones were going to the Seemandhra region only over the last several years and the ministers from the Telangana region were not even questioning this phenomenon as they were less aggressive. He also said that whenever the Telangana demand comes to the surface, the affluent Seemandhra sections were cooling it down through lobbying and money power. He contradicted the opinion that the Naxalism would show its ugly face, if separate Telangana State was formed.

Distinguished scientist and the former director, CCMB, Dr P M Bhargava said that the cultural identity of Telangana region was at variance altogether in comparison to other parts of the country. Stating that Telangana has the potential to become an ideal one for all other states in the country, he added that no one has the right to deny this potential from becoming a reality.

A number of Retired Engineers, Professors, Judges, Senior Journalists, poets and writers, film makers are among the signatories to the letter. (NSS)

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