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Gays protest TV ‘sting operation’

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Hyderabad: A “sting operation” conducted by a leading Telugu news channel a couple of days ago on the ‘gay culture’ in the city has angered the gay community who are now planning a massive protest across the nation demanding the government to revoke the license of the channel.

The community members say that the programme, which was aired on prime time news on Feb 22, projected homosexuals in a very poor light which amounts to discrimination. It gave out details from a website, a social networking site for gay men, and later also telecast visuals of a pub in the city which conducts gay parties.
“The programme projected gays as criminals and their activities as illegal,” said a gay activist who did not wish to be named.

Many people from the community are angry over the channel airing images of people without caring to protect their privacy.

“They did not even blur the images of the people shown,” fumed Raj (name changed) who was part of the video clippings shown by the channel.

One of the persons shown in the programme reportedly even attempted suicide.

Gay rights organisations have also planned protests in front of the channel’s offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad on Friday.

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