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GHMC appeals to retails for help in plastic ban

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Hyderabad:Health and Sanitation Additional Commissioner in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Aleem Basha on Sunday appealed to the retail traders in the city not to use plastic carry bags in their shops and cooperate with GHMC in effective implementation of ban on plastic carry bags and making the city a eco-friendly one.

Speaking with the members of the Hyderabad and Secunderabad Retail Dealers Association, Mr Aleem Basha said the city generates nearly 4,000 tonnes of garbage each day. About 300 tonnes of his is plastic, he said, adding that, “If we do not act now it is very difficult to handle the plastic waste material in future.”

“To protect our city’s environment, it is very essential to have control on use of plastic, as the plastic does not dissolve very easily,” Mr Basha said.

Further, the GHMC Additional Commissioner said that the Corporation is taking all necessary measures to create awareness among the public about health hazards on use plastic and the consequences on environment.

Earlier, Hyderabad and Secunderabad Retail Dealers Association General secretary Dilip Kumar Pansari informed the GHMC officials that their association is fully supporting the Corporation in its bid to make the city, one with a clean environment.

Mr Pansari pointed out that in this connection, the Association had released a poster and banner for display in front of their shops of 600 members.

Later the members submitted a representation asking GHMC for relaxation, by permitting the plastic carry bags and such other products which are within acceptable grade and norms of Central Pollution Control Board and are not harmful to health and Environment.

CMOH Ashok Samrat, while addressing the meeting, requested the members to display banners and posters in front their shops to create awareness among the citizens. GHMC food inspectors and members of the Association attended the meeting.(INN)

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