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Gone Prakash Rao condemns Jaipal Reddy’s remarks

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Hyderabad: The YSR Congress Party leader, Mr Gone Prakash Rao, has condemned the remarks of the Union Minister for Petroleum, Mr S Jaipal Reddy, who had said that the ideology of the Congress party was nationalism and not regionalism and sub-regionalism.

Speaking to mediapersons here on Sunday, Mr Prakash Rao said that Mr Jaipal Reddy has exposed his real nature with his remarks. Describing Mr Jaipal Reddy as a great opportunist and cheat, Mr Prakash Rao said that the people of Telangana should take him to task for his opportunistic politics.

Alleging that Mr Jaipal Reddy had orchestrated attacks on the agitating Telangana students in 1969, Mr Gone said that Mr Jaipal Reddy’s remarks meant to clarify that the Congress government at the Centre was not inclined to concede separate Telangana State.

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