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Govt agrees to set up House panel on land allotment to SEZs

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Hyderabad: Bowing to the pressure of the Opposition, the State government, at last, has assured that a House Committee would be set up on land allotments to Special Economic Zones (SEZs) if the Opposition parties were not satisfied to its reply to the debate in the House and prima facie evidence was established on the alleged irregularities and corruption. The government would also make a statement on land allocations to SEZs in the House on March 26.

On the consecutive seventh day, the TDP members stalled the proceedings of the House by creating noisy scenes. They staged protest at the Speaker’s podium raising slogans demanding constitution of Joint Legislature Party (JLC) resulting in the adjournment of the House twice.

Soon after the House assembled at 9 am, the TDP members trooped to the podium of the Speaker and raised slogans demanding JLC. They also frustrated efforts of the Deputy Speaker, Mr Nadendla Manohar, who was in the Chair, to take up the Question Hour by creating noisy scenes.

When his appeal to the agitating members to resume their seats fell on deaf ears, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the House at 9.10 am for half-an-hour. Even after the House met again at 10.55 am, the TDP members continued their protest at the podium and did not allow the House to take up any business.

Intervening in the matter, the Minister for Legislative Affairs, Mr D Sridhar Babu, said that the government was coming forward to the discuss the issue in the House, but the main Opposition party was stalling the proceedings for political gain. The Opposition would get an opportunity to place prima facie evidence, which it possessed as claimed, before the House, if debate was taken up on land allocations to SEZs and the Opposition has such responsibility, he pointed out. He also alleged that the main Opposition was not interested in debate fearing that it was not capable to establish evidences on its allegations.

The Deputy Speaker reminded that the budget session has only three days and requested the agitating members to participate in the discussion and raise their demands. He adjourned the House for second time for half-an-hour at 11 am.

After the House reassembled at 1.56 pm, the Minister for Major Industries, Dr J Geetha Reddy, assured the House that the government would react positively to the demand for House Committee if the Opposition was not satisfied on its reply during the debate. Stating that the government was ready for discussion on the issue, she asked the Opposition to fix the area for the discussion as land allocations have been done under various categories. The government would also make a statement on the land allocations to SEZs in the House on Saturday, she assured.

The TDP member, Mr Payyavula Keshav, urged that the debate should cover allocation of lands to the SEZs and infrastructure development.

The CPI (M) member, Mr Julakanti Ranga Reddy, said that the House should debate the land allocations to SEZs, status of the land and employment provided by the companies which got the land.

The Lok Satta Party member, Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, demanded that the allocation of land to SEZs and for infrastructure development except roads be taken up in House for discussion. The government should place all the information regarding land allocation in the House, before taking up discussion, he added.

The MIM member, Mr Pasha Quadri, urged that the allotment of Wakf lands to private firms should also be discussed in the House. Stating that he would fix the area of the discussion during floor leaders’ meeting, the Deputy Speaker adjourned the House at 2.45 pm to meet at 4.30 pm on the same day. (NSS)

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