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Govt gearing up to deal with Telangana staff strike

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Hyderabad: The State Government seems to be getting ready to tackle the strike of Telangana employees by acing firmly.

As the deadlock in the talks between the Telangana employees JAC and the government continued, the departments have been directed to take up alternative measures to minimize the impact of the strike on their functioning.

The cabinet sub-committee met in the Secretariat on Tuesday and discussed the ways and means to tackle the strike

According to the sources, the government has decided to remove the contract employees who would participate in the strike violating the provisions of ESMA. Employees would be taken on outsourcing to do the works in the Secretariat, if required. Work to rule and no work no pay will be strictly implemented. Higher officers and Head of the Departments will review the situation every day and send a report to the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister has directed the District Collectors to see that no disturbance was caused to the essential services, and avoid inconvenience to the common people.

The Government was reportedly not having the idea of immediately invoking ESMA. It would do it when the situation worsened.

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