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Govt hospitals empowered to purchase Anti-Rabies vaccine

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Hyderabad: The State Government has removed Rabies vaccine from budgetary control, and gave free hand to the Hospital Development Committees to separately purchase Rabies vaccine as per the requirement.

The State Government has taken the decision in view of the reports on non-availability of Rabies vaccine at its hospitals, and the consequent death of patients with rabies.

Speaking after the Chief Minister’s review meeting on health department in the Secretariat, the Minister for Health and Medical Education, Dr D L Ravindra Reddy reiterated that there was no shortage of Anti- Rabies vaccine in the State. Claiming that sufficient doses of anti-rabies vaccine were available at Government run hospitals, he informed that nearly seven lakh doses of anti-rabies vaccine were available. In addition to this, the Government has decided to purchase anti- rabies vaccine worth Rs 5 crores.

Giving the statistics about rabies deaths reported in the state, the Minister informed that 33 deaths were reported in year 2000, 58 in 2001, 68 in 2002, 100 in 2003, 83 in 2004, 113 in 2005, 83 in 2006, 54 in 2007, 23 in 2008, 42 in 2009, 20 in 2010. Till today in 20011, 14 deaths of rabies disease have taken place across the State.

“In Khammam district, four people died of rabies disease. As per preliminary report, there was laxity of Regional Medical Officer (RMO) in one death. The RMO will be suspended after receiving report from the District Collector”, he added.

Dr Ravindra Reddy said Ms Anusha who died of Rabies disease had not went to the hospital in time for treatment. He reminded that the people must take anti-rabies vaccine within ten-days of dog bite. Unfortunately, people were coming to the hospital very late in the stage of Garde-3 of the Rabies disease. There would be less scope for recovering from the disease at the Grade -3 stage, he added. (NSS)

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