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Govt. issues orders reinstating suspended mining officer

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Hyderabad: the State Government on Tuesday issued orders to reinstate Mr S.Sairam Singh, formerly Assistant Director of Mines and Geology, Ananthapur who is under suspension with immediate effect. He shall be posted to a far off place in a non-focal post.

The State Government has suspended S.Sairam Singh, then Assistant Director of Mines and Geology, Ananthapur on the charges of committing certain irregularities in issuing dispatch permits to Obulapuram Mining Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Charges were also framed against the officer, and an inquiry was also ordered to inquire into the allegations against him by appointing Mr Subhrendu Bhattacharya, IAS as Inquiry Authority. The Inquiry is under process.

Aggrieved by the orders of suspension, Mr Sairam Singh, has approached the Andhra Pradesh Administrative Tribunal challenging the orders issued in the G.O. 1st read above. The Administrative Tribunal, has set-aside the orders. Hence, the Government has filed Writ Petition in the High Court against the orders passed by the tribunal. The High Court has set-aside the orders of the tribunal with a direction to the writ petitioners to complete and conclude the disciplinary proceedings initiated against the A.O. with in a period of four weeks from the date of receipt of the copy of the orders. With reference to the above orders, the Commissioner of Inquiries has requested for extension of time set out by the High Court to complete and conclude the Inquiry within 4 weeks time to that of 4 months to complete the inquiry. Necessary action was taken to appraise the matter to the Hon’ble High Court and for granting the time of 4 months for completing and concluding the inquiry.

Meanwhile, Mr S. Sairam Singh, formerly Assistant Director, Mines and Geology, Ananthaour now under suspension has represented a letter stating that he has followed the orders of the Director of Mines and Geology, Hyderabad in issuing permits to the Obulapuram Mining Company and requested to re-instate him into service on humanitarian grounds.

The Government, after careful consideration of the orders of High Court, and also the request of the Commissioner of Inquiries and also the representation of Sri S.Sairam Singh, have taken a view to reinstate Sri S.Sairam Singh, into service without prejudice to the contemplated disciplinary action against him.

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