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Govt must take control of Satya Sai Trust: Dadi

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Hyderabad: Raising doubts that the true value of the properties under the Satya Sai Trust is being hidden from the people, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council and senior Telugu Desam Party leader Dadi Veerabhadra Rao on Saturday demanded that the state government immediately intervene and ensure that the truth comes out.

Talking to media persons at NTR Trust Bhavan, the MLC said that the Trust members’ decision to ban the media during evaluation of the movable properties at the Yajur Mandir, the late Satya Sai Baba’s personal abode, has further deepened the people’s suspicion that the Trust is hiding the real facts.

“The government must intervene immediately and ensure that the true picture emerges. The Satya Sai Trust has its presence in over 140 countries. If the government fails to take timely action, the image of the state will take a beating,” Mr Veerabhadra Rao said.

The MLC said that rumours abound that the real value of the treasure trove discovered in the Yajur Mandir have not been revealed and the truth must be revealed.

Rumours that the Yajur Mandir’s treasure trove had been raided, even at the time when the Satya Sai Baba was undergoing treatment for multi-organ failure, continue to do rounds. Besides this, rumours abound that as much as 800 kg of gold ornaments was discovered in the Yajur Mandir, but only 98 kg of the ornaments was declared.

Referring to the political scene, Mr Veerabhadra Rao said that suspended party leader Nagam Janardhan Reddy was still acting as if he was the Public Accounts Committee Chairman.

“Mr Janardhan Reddy must come to terms with reality and become more humble in his attitude. He would be welcomed back in the TDP if he apologises for his mistakes,” the senior leader said.(INN)

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