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Govt raises Beedi workers minimum wages by 61 pc

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Hyderabad: Labour Minister Danam Nagender on Wednesday announced that the Beedi workers have been provided better remuneration by the state government which has hiked their minimum wages.

Mr Nagender told media persons at the state Secretariat that in place of Rs 83 per 1000 rolls of beedis, the government offered Rs 137 per 1000 rolls. The hiked waged would mostly benefit women who form a large chunk of the beedi workers.

The Minister further said that the current Rs 104 to Rs 225 for one lakh packs has been enhanced to Rs 282 to Rs 832 for one lakh packs.

Further the tobacco supplier/ beedi porter/ watchman get Rs 4,696 in place of Rs 2715 and cashier or typist or clerk gets a revised pay of Rs 5196 in place of Rs 3056.

In all over 10 lakh beedi workers were on the job and eight lakh were located in Telangana districts, Mr Nagender pointed out.

India is said to be the largest producer of beedi- the poor man’s cigarette – with cheap labour available from South India, he added.

Beedi packing happens to be one of the thriving cottage industries in Andhra Pradesh.

Mostly women and children of the rural households are being employed filling tobacco flake and wrapped in a Tendu leaf tied with a string.

The minister stated that it would be more gainful if more than 1000 rolls were turned out daily.(INN)

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