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Hajis told to pay 2nd instalments for Forex

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Hyderabad: The Haj committee of India on Monday announced the amounts the selected Hajis will have to pay as the second and final instalment of money for Foreign Exchange.

According to State Haj Committee Chairman Syed Khaleeluddin Ahmed, the selected Haj pilgrims from Andhra Pradesh will have to remit an amount of Rs 89,536 under Green category, Rs 79,782 for the White category and Azeezia category pilgrims should pay Rs 72,709.

Mr Khaleeluddin Ahmed requested the pilgrims to remit the amount before September 3 in SBI in the A/c of Haj Committee of India through pay-in slip duly entering their bank reference number.

However the Green category pilgrims embarking on the pilgrimage from Bangalore should pay Rs 89,243, and pilgrims under White category have to remit Rs 79,489. The Azeezia category pilgrims will have to pay Rs 72,416.

The pilgrims opting for accommodation in Hyderabad Rubath in Makkah will have to pay Rs 39,543 only.

Meanwhile 593 pilgrims under Green category have been allotted to Azeezia category by the Haj committee of India and all such pilgrims have been duly intimidated through SMS.
The Haj Committee Chairman also requested such pilgrims to pay the second instalment as per the new category.(INN)

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