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Haleem price to rise, sales to dip?

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Hyderabad: The mouth watering Haleem which has already earned its GI status is all set to be costlier this Ramzan onwards, even as the makers of the of the world famous delicacy brace for a dip in sales this year.

For those who observe the ‘fast’ during the Holy Month of Ramzan beginning from Tuesday and for innumerable others, Muslims or non-Muslims alike, who relish the dish, the Haleem is much sought after.

According to reports, people from other religions (about 40 percent) also pose a stiff competition in eating the delicacy prepared by selected cooks.

As seen, there was no dearth of its preparation in the city. More the cost more the taste is what discourages the consumer from other faiths.

The issue is whether the ‘cost’ factor will allow the commoner to really enjoy it this year around.

It is expected to be served in the range of Rs 60 to Rs 80 a plate. ‘It may go up even higher’ said a consumer, considering the cost escalation of ingredients particularly the wheat.

Last year, the hotels or restaurants could not match the demand and supply. One of the reasons quoted was that Hindus and others also started eating the Haleem voraciously as the special dish is restricted to Ramzan.

Later the dainty make is beyond the reach. Rising prices of ingredients had led to a hike in per plate (350 grams) of Haleem to Rs 80 this season. Price hike contributed to the likely dip in sales.

Further there is demand for the seedless date fruits which is considered a must for those observing the fast.

A retailer ‘Golden Fruits,’ imports seedless dates from Mecca and supplies it for Rs 3000 a kg. these Dates are much sought after among the consumers from other religions for its taste and vitamin content.

Wheat is another important ingredient which goes into Haleem preparation. But were there arrangements for making available quality grains. Experts said that unless the wheat provides the ‘gum’ substance the product will not be palatable. It won’t satisfy the taste buds. During 2008-2009 Australian wheat was imported but it lacked the requisite gummy substance which was essential for a convincing meal.

Apart from other centres, right from Pathergatti to Charminar and extending beyond the cited dish along with other products is a hub of activity. It must be seen to admire.

Besides as scholars said that one has to offer prayers five times a day and there are kids between seven to eight years who could read the Paras of the Quran blindfolded and many who have memorised the Book outright.

‘Fasting is one among the five pillars of Islam,’ said a scholar. ‘Zakat’ is another important rule which a Muslim, who can afford it, must follow. It is said that every family allots a percentage (2.5) per cent towards ‘Zakat’ to be passed on to the deserving from tomorrow.(INN)

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