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Hanumantha Rao sees Lagadapati remarks as anti-high command

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Hyderabad: Lashing out at the Vijayawada MP, Mr Lagadapati Rajagopal, for saying that the Kadapa people believed the smear campaign that the AICC Chief, Ms Sonia Gandhi, was involved in the conspiracy behind the death of late Dr YSR and cast their votes against the Congress party candidates, the Rajya Sabha MP, Mr V Hanumantha Rao, has said that the former’s statement was against the party high command.

Speaking to mediapersons at his residence here on Friday, Mr Hanumantha Rao said that it was bad for the Congress party to have an MP like Mr Rajagopal. Mr Rajagopal’s statement would invite the Opposition’s criticism against the party, he said, adding that his remarks would cause damage to the image of Ms Sonia Gandhi. He said that the people of Kadapa were not so innocent to believe false campaigning against Ms Sonia Gandhi. He also cautioned the party high command that the Telangana movement will go into the hands of anti-social elements and it cannot be controlled if the Centre failed to concede the Telangana demand.
Mr Hanumantha Rao said that it was good to the party as the Chief Minister, Mr N Kiran Kumar Reddy, and the PCC Chief, Mr Botcha Satyanarayana, have decided to give wide publicity to the government’s welfare and developmental programmes through the party. He asked both the Chief Minister and PCC Chief to identify the leaders at village level who were working hard like the leaders at urban level and encourage them to strengthen the party.

Demanding that the party initiate action against the leaders making wild statements against the party high command while enjoying positions, Mr Hanumantha Rao opined that brain storming session be conducted as was done when Mr Digvijay Singh was State Party Affairs in charge. The brain storming session would help the party develop alternative leadership in the districts to avoid embarrassment from the rebels keeping 2014 elections in view, he opined.

Condemning the YSR Congress Party Chief, Mr Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy’s remarks on BC reservations issue, Mr Hanumantha Rao said that no leader, who used to make tall statements in support of BCs, supported the BC reservation issue in reality.

Rejecting the criticism from own party leaders regarding Amalapuram MP, Mr G V Harsha Kumar’s remarks against the new PCC Chief, Mr Hanumantha Rao said that he would criticise openly if he wanted. It was not correct to the leaders to pull his name into their issue, he made it clear.

Making it clear that he was not away from the Telangana movement, he said that he apprised the Union Financial Minister, Mr Pranab Mukharji, of all the issues about Telangana. He also opined that the high command appointed Mr Botcha Satyanarayana as new PCC Chief as he was talking in favor of separate Telangana state.

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