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Happy to be campaign state for employment Mission: CM

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Hyderabad: Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Monday said that Andhra Pradesh is happy to be the campaign State for National-level Mission for Employment generation.

He said the State would dovetail the National Mission and would integrate all departments concerned to achieve an ambitious goal of creating 5 lakh jobs per year.

Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr Rama Dorai positively responded to the request and explained to the Chief Minister the National level efforts in this regard.

Mr Rama Dorai and his team had earlier in the day held a detailed review meeting with the Chief Minister, School Education Minister, Chief Secretary and other top officials at Secretariat.

The Chief Minister said that unemployment problem is more in the rural areas since even the 10th and Inter passed students feel that they are more educated to take up agriculture but when it comes to employability in industries, they are unskilled and thus unemployable.

Hence more planning and focus were required. The Chief Minister said the State is now concentrating on the employability of even inter and 10th passed students along with Engineering and ITI students. He said we have to create employment in rural areas itself and prevent migration to urban centres lest it becomes overcrowded. The Chief Minister said training and skill development is a must during education to make the youth employable and the State is just concentrating on that.

Chief Secretary S V Prasad in his introductory remarks said that Andhra Pradesh initiated efforts to integrate employment generation and skill development programmes. He said a Comprehensive Plan of Action to take it to much higher plain is being finalised and will be implemented in the State.

Mr Rama Dorai appreciated the efforts of the State in employment generation on a massive scale, more particularly its attempts to make all the students coming out of the college employable by starting Skill Development Centres and Jawahar Knowledge Centres in all degree, engineering and other professional colleges.

He said monitoring of the employment generation programme is very critical. He said scale of implementation of the programme at ground-level is a critical factor. He said what is important is the actual employment generation and employability of the students coming out of the professional and other colleges.

Mr Ram Dorai said that role of technology play a very very critical role. He said a national level initiation to have rural broad-band connections in 3 or 5 years in 2,50,000 panchayats is being launched.

Mr Rama Dorai said that efforts are on to amend the NREGA to include Skill Development without compromising original intent of the Scheme itself.

He said “we are touch with the Rural Development ministry and we will seek the help of Andhra Pradesh to find out what is coming in the way of Skill Development extension to NREGA.

He said the next important factor is the apprenticeship. “Most of the Companies are very shy to implement the apprenticeship programmes because the Apprenticeship Act comes in the way and we are in dialogue with the Ministry of Labour and Employment to ensure that there are no restrictions or impediments in taking apprentices. Most likely the Ministry of Labour and Employment is prodding on this and we are trying to get the Act amended and once it is done, the demand side will open up”, he said.

Mr Rama Dorai said that credit support is also equally important for vocational training. There is no credit support available now. Students will not opt for this unless they get credit support facilities with low interest rates that are acceptable with flexibility in repayment.

“We are constituting a Committee with myself as Head which will include representatives from NABARD, banks, Ministry of Finance and PMO and Planning Commission. I am sure we will be able to address this problem”.

With regard to vocationalisation of education in the schools, Ministry of Human Resources Development has just come out with a draft –National Vocational Education Qualification framework–wherein vocational education will be introduced in 9th to 12th Class as part of mainstream itself and provide the students at the end of 12th Class or CBSE, vocational streams for graduation like the Science stream or Commerce stream.

There is a strong support from the students for this and unless we create vocational streams, it would be difficult to create employability among the students. “Hopefully this would be done and it would open up enormous opportunities and we would be seeking your support and keep you updated”.

The Adviser to PM agreed with the Andhra Pradesh point of view that construction industry is the one which has enormous employment opportunities along with Tourism and hospitality, Healthcare and related services and of course IT and ITES.

Mr Rama Dorai suggested that the State should map the current employment generation schemes which are under way, constantly monitor them on a real-time basis with an efficient tracking system and extend NREGA for Skill Development and Training. He reiterated that vocational education should be incorporated in the school curriculum. Mr Rama Dorai said the small and medium enterprises should understand the importance of the apprenticeship programme and endorse it fully and the State should ensure that the Act does not come in the way.

State Officials in their presentation said that while there is a high degree of unemployment, there is a big demand for skilled personnel increasing with faster growth in our economy.

They explained that the gap arising is due to lack of soft skills in rural/disadvantaged sections; Lack of information of opportunities and Lack of skills needed by the industry/service sector.

The aims of the proposed “Yuvakiranalu” which is part of “Rajiv Udyog Mission” are to ensure job to at least one person per every urban and rural poor household; impart skills as per requirement of the industry on a saturation mode and all these before 2014.

The other aim is to train and place at least 15 lakh youth in salaried employment on a Mission Mode. As part of Employment Generation under Rajiv Udayogsri, 13.77 lakh persons were trained and 8.91 lakh employed, Under EGMM 3.58 lakh persons were trained and 2.82 lakh employed, Under MEPMA 1.43 lakh persons were trained and 1.07 lakh employed. Thus a total 18.78 lakh persons were trained and 12.80 lakh were employed so far since 2007.

Rajiv Udyog Sree (RUS) works with 13 departments, take up skill training programmes with Private partners, conduct job melas for direct recruitment, provide Modular Employable Skills (GoI) – Vocational skills to school dropouts, Train and certify, conduct 188 courses in 34 sectors and so far 2.87 lakh candidates were trained in 17 sectors.

The Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM) was created as a Mission to drought proof SHG households, with a strategy to make every household earn Rs. 1 lakh per year, to place at least one person per every SHG household in non-farm salary employment, provide training and placement to children of SHG households, Operate through the 38,000 Village organisations, 22 EWRCs and 23 private partners and in Partnership with NSDC agencies. Officials said as per the study conducted by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) during the period between 2005-2015, there would be 7.5 to 8 million jobs (skilled, highly skilled and unskilled) available and majority of them for construction, tourism, IT and ITES, Health.

Minister for School Education, K Parthasarathy, Chief Secretary S V Prasad, Special Chief Secretary to CM, J Satyanarayana, Principal Secretary, Rural Development R.Subramanyam, Secretary, Labour and Employment, Srinivasulu, Principal Secretary, Higher Education M.G.Gopal, Commissioner, Technical Education, K.Lakshminarayana, Secretary, School Education, Shivashankar, Secretary, IT and C, Sanjay Jaju, Secretary to CM, K S Jawahar Reddy, Commissioner, I and PR, B Venkatesham and other officials attended the meeting. (INN)

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