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Has speaker’s action come as a face saver to Telangana Cong MLAs?

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Hyderabad: Once again the Congress Party has shown its mark politics on the Telangana issue, with the Speaker rejecting resignations of 101 Telangana MLAs belonging to Congress, TDP, TRS, CPI and BJP. The Speaker’s act made Telangana Congress MLAs to come out from the resignations crisis without their hand in it, to show their face to the people and to get sympathy at the same time.

Every one was showing their finger at the Legislative Assembly Speaker Mr Nadendla Manohar and were criticisng his action of rejecting the resignations..

According to political analysts, the Congress had its own plan in the Speaker’s rejection of resignations of 101 Telangana MLAs. The action may help save the government and to delay the decision on Telangana.

It is learnt that the Telangana Congress MLAs know about the Speaker’s decision much earlier and hence they were not much bothered about the Speaker’s rejection of resignations. Many in political circles feek that the Speaker has waited all these days only to find the way to come out from the crisis.

It may be recalled that few days ago, the Rayalaseema senior Congress leader Mr JC Diwakar Reddy said that his fellow Congress MLAs were in neck deep crisis and have to bring them out from the crisis. He further said that the Telangana Congress MLAs were not in a position to take back their resignations as the people would chase them if they did so. Now, without involving the Telangana Congress MLAs, the Congress Party solved the resignations crisis.. Mr Manohar, as a Speaker, didn’t run the house till date, but taken a decision inviting severe criticism.

Earlier, the then Speaker and present Chief Minister Mr N Kiran Kumar Reddy had accepted the resignations of the 11 TRS MLAs, which invited bye-elections. The then Deputy Speaker and present Speaker Mr Nadendla Manohar himself accepted the resignation of Dr YSR’s widow Ms Vijayalaxmi without taking her version. But the same Mr. Manohar, now rejected the resignations of 101 Telangana MLAs without taking their versions.

Mr Manohar, who used to say that he would follow the rule book strictly, now simply rejected the resignations.

Rumors were doing rounds that Mr Manohar had announced his decision before leaving India to avoid the aftermath embarrassment on his decision. As expected, every one was showing fingers at him now and were criticizing him saying that he succumbed to the pressure of his Party High Command.

On the part of Telangana Congress leaders, experts say that they know the Speaker’s decision much earlier and hence they were not doing anything now. Most of the Telangana MLAs were not interested to topple the government by making the Speaker to accept their resignations. They only tendered their resignations to fool the Telangana people by diverting their concentration. They were not in a position to go to their own constituency and to avoid it they enacted this resignations drama, said a political analyst.

One has to wait and see what will happen in the near future.

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